Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Future Dim For Yahoo's Jumpcut, Kickstart
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
As for Kickstart, it's been around since at least August of 2007, and as a would-be Facebook/LinkedIn competitor, stood an even smaller chance of success. ...

How to Be a Workaholic Without Being a Jerk
GigaOm - San Francisco,CA,USA
Maybe Facebook is for friends and LinkedIn is for business. Or maybe you have a secret identity on Facebook for your buddies or a password-protected ...

Club helps those seeking employment
Shawnee Dispatch - Shawnee,KS,USA
Members discussed tips for job searching: business cards, using Web sites like or, researching an employer before going on an ...


Biz Tips Blog: Internet Marketing Tips: Your Blog is Your Homebase
Yes, social networking on sites like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn are all the rage. But think about it. Those sites are like going to a party or networking meeting. You go, you mingle, you network, you build relationships.
Biz Tips Blog: Internet Marketing Tips -

The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week: Publicity tips/My Gift to ...
By Publicity-Hound
--Connect with them on LinkedIn. When extending an invitation, be sure to mention you read their blog regularly. Some people, me included, won't accept invitations from strangers who are trolling for connections. Now, for the hard part. ...
The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week -

A Shake-Up at LinkedIn - Bits Blog -
Feedback. Tell us what you like, don't like and want to read more about. Send us e-mail with your comments. For news tips and press announcements, please use the e-mail links on the blog home page to reach our writers and editors. ...
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Katy's Conservative Corner: More Twitter Tips
My Online Status. AIM: katymbl · Delicious: katysconservativecorner · Digg: ktcreations · Facebook: 700312496 · LinkedIn: kttechwriter · Technorati: katyb. Recent Posts. More Twitter Tips · If that don't beat all: Reader Mail ...
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The Recruiting Edge: LinkedIn knocking down connections?
By The Edge
This is also due to LinkedIn removing Industry and Regional access from the network statistics which in turns affects the number of connections you see in your profile. The whole story here. ****** Don’t have time to phone source to ...
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